Namrata Patel


It’s been life changing. I’m so much more confident now and happier in my job.Namrata Patel

Namrata Patel is 26 years old and is an executive assistant for a marketing company in London who was previously unhappy with her misaligned teeth.

“I’ve always been very self-conscious of my teeth, which were crooked in places. When I met new people I would spend more time trying to cover my teeth rather than actually saying hello. My insecurities made it difficult at work too. I work in the computer gaming industry, where clients expect you to look good, which is why I finally decided to do something about it.

Over the years, I had seen various dentists who said I would need to wear braces, or clear aligners, for between 8 months and 2 years but I didn’t want that.

I also wanted as little damage to my natural teeth as possible.

My dentist was brilliant. He listened to me and then talked me through a number of options, one of them included having CEREC® veneers for four of my front teeth. He also showed me images of what my teeth could look like afterwards. The pictures helped and I felt confident with the expected results. I booked in the veneers for the following week.

At the next appointment, my dentist explained the procedure again and I was happy to continue. I was nervous and excited. He took some digital impressions and explained what would happen next. I then saw the machine making the veneers from a solid block – like a sculptor. Once everything was finished, I was shown my new teeth, which I was so happy with. I haven’t stopped showing everyone new I meet. I was impressed with how easy it all was and came out of the dentist a different person.

It’s been life changing. I’m so much more confident now and happier in my job.”