vhf N4

The N4 Impression is a compact, wet grinding machine without an external unit for blocks of glass ceramics and composites. Its high precision and quick drive units are combined with a closed, liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing. The spindle has 8 nozzles for liquid arranged around it, ensuring equal cooling of the grinding tool from the tip to the shank. Achieve first-class grinding results in the shortest time with the N4 Impression.

Technical data

  • 4 simultaneously working axes.
  • Automatic changer for 8 tools.
  • Powerful and highly precise spindle.
  • High stability and low-vibration operation.
  • Worldwide application.
  • Ideal for practice lab.
  • Sophisticated protective mechanisms.
  • Efficient cooling.
  • Fully integrated liquid cooling system.
  • Wide range of indications.