vhf K5

K5 Impression is a 5-axis, dry milling machine for a wide range of indications. The B axis has excellent rotation of up to ±  35 degrees. The fixing device for blanks, with a thickness of up to 40mm, ensures the dry milling of a variety of suitable objects. The stable construction of K5 guarantees excellent machining results. Numerous comfort features, including an automatic tool changer and practical accessory drawer, make working with the K5 fast and efficient.

Technical data

  • 5 simultaneously working axes.
  • Rotation range up to ± 35 degrees.
  • Blanks of up to 40mm thickness.
  • Automatic changer for 16 tools.
  • Powerful and highly precise, synchronous spindle.
  • Practical drawer for accessories.
vhf K5